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NINGDE BENTIAN ENGINE CO., LTD. was registered in No. 9 North Industry RD, Zhangwan Industrial Zone, Ningde, Fujian, China with inverter unit manufacturing workshop to produce inverter generator set, rare earth permanent magnet alternator manufacturing workshop, air-cooled diesel engine manufacturing workshop and inverter generator set manufacturing, testing, packing production lines etc. We have technically advanced Chip Mounter, Corrugated Welding Machine, Automatic Coil Winding Machine, Winding Resistance Testing Bench, Automatic Dryer and Circular Flow production line etc. Our designed annual production value is RMB 150,000,000.-- 

NINGDE BENTIAN ENGINE CO., LTD. ,within 3 years after its foundation, by acquisition of both Shanghai YANGKE and Shanghai Liger part of their high quality technology, patents and trademarks etc. assets, combining with our own technical strength, produces open frame air-cooled silent gasoline and diesel inverter generator sets, extended range charging generator set with capacity in the range of 800W-7200W, a dozen models etc.

NINGDE BENTIAN ENGINE CO., LTD. By its superior assets of being rewarded to use multiple invention patents approved by the State Patent Office in the field of inverter technology, with mature production technology, professional elites of many years of experience in this industry and patents etc., has laid a solid foundation to manufacture stable quality products, provides security on the markets development.

NINGDE BENTIAN ENGINE CO., LTD. aims to devote to make inverter generator universal generator alike, the concept of design of smaller volume, lighter weight, higher output, more efficiency, stronger load, more purified power output, less fuel consumption and more environment friendly, objective of producing and marketing products of higher performance to price ratio, jointly work with vast clients to build win-win business opportunities.

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